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I have always loved and specialized in extensions and with 17 years' experience, I've tried many methods. Weft extensions are undoubtedly my favorite! They allow me to offer my clients extensive options for their thickness, color, length, and more. You will be amazed by how these genius wefts lay so flat to the head, have no return hair from the stitch, and are of the best texture and quality! 

My cup is filled by the smile and confidence that someone gains by sitting in my chair. I'm so excited to expand this further by offering this great product to other stylists, local and distant, and our new friends!

xo, Amanda

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- Lays completely flat on the head 
- No "mustache hairs" means less itch and more comfort 
- Keratin top helps prevent shedding
- Buy the piece, mix and match for the perfect dimensional color placement
- All wefts are cut-able and able to be customized

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Ooh La La & Co. is a unique
and luxurious hair
extension system.

Style your clients’ hair with precision.

Our extensions are sold by the piece so you can customize the color of the clients' hair to perfection.

You can customize the color of your client’s extensions to fit their natural shade or match it perfectly with their choice of permanent color.

Ooh La La & Company offers you the ideal solution for clients looking for a long-lasting, beautiful, flawless finish with each individual piece.  

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Add Fullness

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Use a shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist to ensure your extensions are getting the moisture and color care that they need.  Extensions do not get any oil produced by the scalp like our natural hair does.  Dispense shampoo and emutsify with water in your palms, then gently scrub between your  extensions and throughout scalp.  Let this rince through your mids and ends, then follow mids to ends with your conditioner staying off the scalp and the tops of your extensions

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Genium Weft (21).png

Detangle with a boar bristle brush, also concentrating between rows and on scalp when the hair is dry.  You can lightly brush through it wet or damp, but it is healthier to wait for stubborn tangles until dry.  Braid your hair or pull it in to a low loose bun at night-time, in high winds or activity where it may become tangled. 

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For styling we recommend the Bumble and Bumble HIO primer (leave-in) throughout when wet followed with hairdressers oil through mids and ends to get the needed moisture and heat protection.  We recommend keeping them oiled daily. Extensions do not get natural oil from the scalp that our hair does so they will require more moisture!  We also love to condition with the HIO mask in place of conditioner every 2-3 times that you wash to keep them hydrated!

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Talk with your stylist about a healthy recommendation for pre-booking your next appointment.  Maintenance varies from 4 -10 weeks depending on hair type, routine, and how fast it grows.  Going to long between scheduled maintenance can result in damage to the natural hair.

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Enjoy that extra thickness, pop of color, or length that you gained!  For fun styling ideas ask your stylist!  We love to air dry with Bumble & Bumbles Surf Cream, and Don't Blow it, as well as use the thickening hairspray for holding the curl in for days! 

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The top of the extension is a keratin blend.  The top of the weft cannot be flat ironed or curled with heat tools!!!!!  



“I have absolutely loved Ooh La La hair extensions line. The quality is amazing, and the hair is beautiful. The confidence it has given me is amazing!  I highly recommend this hair for everyone."


  • How many wefts of hair do I need?
    Pop of color 1-3 pieces For a frontal, or partial placement- 2-3 pieces For fullness and volume without added length- 2-3 pieces Full placement of 18" 7-9 pieces for fine to medium hair Full placement of 22" 8-10 pieces * When doing a full head of short to long, it may take an extra piece or two to get great coverage of the short hairs, especially if the clients hair is very thick.
  • How many pieces can be used on one row?
    Our favorite is 3-4, with thick and strong hair types, we sometimes use 5.
  • Do you ship every day?
    We ship Monday - Friday. All orders after Noon on Friday will shop the following Monday.
  • Do you offer returns?
    We do not offer returns, but we do offer exchanges within a 30-day period from your original order.
  • Do you only ship in the U.S.?
    Currently, yes.
  • Do you offer classes?
    Yes we do! We would love to host a class for you! For more information please email us at
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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