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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you prevent your hair from fading?
Make sure you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner. Our ‘Color Minded’ line is great. It includes a shampoo, conditioner, UV protective polish, styling balm, and a conditioning masque.

How do you get more volume?
Try our ‘Thickening’ line. Work thickening hairspray and full form mousse throughout hair. Blow dry upside down and round brush crown area.

How do I create summery, beachy waves?
Put surf spray in wet hair and scrunch hair dry. For hair with no texture, rough blow dry with texture cream and finish with surf spray. You can also add grooming creme for extra moisture with the surf spray.

How can you tell the length of your hair?
Above shoulders- Short
At shoulders- Mid-length
Past shoulders- Long

What are the best hairstyles for rounded or narrow face shapes?
Rounded face shapes generally look better with longer hair, bangs, layers, and face-framing to break up and soften.
Narrow face shapes are best accentuated with shorter, pixie cuts, bobs. Too much hair will drown out small features.

I wash my hair every day and get it cut every six weeks. Why doesn't it grow?
There could be several reasons. Washing your hair every single day in such a dry climate (as Utah offers), can be very harsh on your hair. We recommend washing your hair every other day. All of our shampoos and conditioners sold at the salon by Bumble and Bumble are very gentle and don’t strip your hair of its natural oils.
As for the cutting schedule, not everyone’s hair grows at the same pace. Every six weeks may be a little too soon for you. If you’re growing it out, try every eight weeks!

Esthetics and Makeup

Do eyelash extensions harm or make your natural lashes fall out?
They do not harm your natural lashes, unless you constantly pick at them or use mascara. They fall out with your natural lash on its individual cycle.

Do I need to wear SPF every day?
Yes, absolutely!! We live in such a dry area, sunscreen is mandatory for everyone. Wearing SPF every day is the first step to anti-aging and protecting your skin.

What is the best way to prep and prime your face before applying makeup?
Always start with a clean face!!! At the end of the day, always wash your makeup completely off. Use your face wash and cleansers to remove the makeup. Makeup remover is always great too! Leaving makeup from the day before and applying makeup over that can actually cause your pores to clog and your skin to break out. In the morning or before you apply makeup, wash your face too!! Your face may feel clean, but there are actually oils and dirt that build up overnight. After washing and cleansing your face, it is always best to put a moisturizer on, especially how dry it is in Utah! After your face is prepped from washing, it is now time to prime. Your makeup actually stays on longer and better if you have a primer. There is an amazing primer from Dermalogica sold here at Ooh La La Salon, called the ‘Skinperfect Primer’. I would highly recommend using that product! It is always best to get a primer that is also moisturizing for the dry climates, so your face will not feel so dry and flakey! After your face is prepped and primed, you are ready to apply makeup.


What is the difference between gel, acrylic, and shellac nails?
Shellac- Shellac is a nail polish in gel form designed for natural nails. 14 day wear, no damage to nails when removed.
Gel Nails- Gel products cure under ultra violet light. More pliable than and different chemistry than acrylic. More of a natural feel.
Acrylic Nails- Applied to the nails with a brush, may be sculpted into different thicknesses to build and enhance look and lengths.

Should you use oil/rose cutical oil on your nails?
Yes, it does not cause lifting, it actually makes it last longer. It also helps with hang nails, dry skin, and cracking of fingers.